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Suggested Book Club Discussion Questions
  1. What is the significance of the title?
  2. How does the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness change an individual?
  3. How does it change those around him or her?
  4. What does it take (mentally and/or physically) to fight a disease like cancer?
  5. How did Brooke and Keith deal with the stress this situation created?
  6. What do you think is the hardest aspect of going through this experience?
  7. What role does hope play for parents in this battle?
  8. How do you think Elena views the world after her diagnosis?
  9. How did the relationship between Grace and Elena change?
  10. Were you surprised by the change?
  11. Why do you think children with serious illnesses grow up so quickly?
  12. Should children be told everything about their condition?
  13. How do you think Brooke and Keith handled the day-to-day issues of Elena’s illness?
  14. What does Elena’s artwork represent to her and her family?
  15. How do Brooke and Keith describe survival and the survivor mentality?
  16. How do you think Elena knew she only had a little time left?
  17. What kind of impact did Elena have on her community and those who followed her journey?
  18. How do you think Grace dealt with Elena’s diagnosis and her death?
  19. Are children more resilient and understanding than we give them credit for?
  20. What legacy do you want to leave for your friends and family after you are gone?
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Notes Left Behind is a heart-warming testimony to loving relationships that outlast death and become a fountain of blessing to others.

Jeffrey A. Hosmer, Pastor, Northminster Presbyterian Church